About Me

Over my 5+ years of experience in software, I've worked with organizations and teams large and small, on all manner of projects, helping stakeholders achieve their big-picture goals.

Recent Experience

Software Engineer @ Chatham Financial

Ever heard of loan covenants? It turns out, commercial real estate loans can be pretty fickle. They can require you to do all sorts of things to keep your loan in good standing. With some well-applied event sourcing, Angular, web components, and a huge number of tests, we're helping our clients establish a chain of custody and responsibility for their covenants, and effectively find which covenants need attention. We also do Agile, CI/CD, microservices, and all that stuff.

Other concurrent projects include shepherding our central front-end web component library, writing front-end training material, giving talks and workshops, mentoring interns, interviewing candidates, and coordinating cross-stream technical initiatives.

Software Engineer @ Proactive Sensing

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with an oil well. Proactive Sensing's "Watchdog" project aims to prevent those nightmare scenarios by monitoring conditions using on-site self-powered devices, and beaming' them up to our servers via satellite. My team worked to bring the next generation of Watchdog products to market, using a service-oriented architecture to bring each sensor's data from satellite to screen, and allowing clients to quickly react to emergencies by phone, text, and email.


Pennsylvania State University
B.S., Computer Science
Minor in Mathematics
Summa Cum Laude
GPA 3.98/4.00

Primary Interests

... and much more that's better suited for a resume. Feel free to email me if anything piques your interest, or you'd like to talk about your engineering project.