Adam Niederer

Hey there!

I'm a software engineer! Like every good software engineer, I love to endlessly chat about everything I'm working on. You can find some of that chatter on my blog, or on my about page. You can also see a few of my public projects on Github.

Here are a few of the projects I've been working on:

An automotive heads-up display specially crafted for people who didn't buy a manual by choice and still can't rev-match by ear after three years of ownership. Computes and displays the correct engine RPM to match for each available gear, along with current engine RPM to make smooth shifting less of an exercise in memorization.

Gathers speed, tachometer, and load data via a bluetooth OBDII connection. Uses an AP3216 ambient light sensor to automatically adjust brightness once the sun goes down, and a MPU9250 temperature/accelerometer combo module to handle over-temperature protection (it's sitting on a car dashboard, after all) and measure jolt from dodgy shifts.

Educational presentations about the intersection of software and hardware, and custom compositing software to make animated infographics (created shortly after I looked at the above slide and realized that I can't draw). Unlike most compositing software, projects are plaintext and fully trackable in traditional source control.